SIGNA™ Pioneer 3T wide bore MRI scanner for clinical excellence

The SIGNA™ Pioneer expands the value of advanced 3T scanner imaging for a smaller space with a wide bore MRI that is more powerful, yet highly efficient.
At a Glance

Innovative technology

A high-performance system & increased throughput at a lower running cost

Elevated experience

AIR™ Coils & feet-first imaging provide clinical versatility & comfort

Clinical confidence

Deep-learning-based image reconstruction provides pin-sharp, accurate images

Discover the space and energy efficiency of the SIGNA™ Pioneer 3T MRI scanner

This 3T wide bore MRI scanner uses ultra-high efficiency gradient technology to generate exceptional imaging performance. Consuming about 50% less power than a contemporary system, this amounts to tremendous energy and operational cost savings.

Our SIGNA™ Pioneer 3T MRI scanner supports your growing imaging practice

Elevate the patient experience while saving tremendous energy and operational costs.

Consistent image quality and increased throughput

Our high-performance 3T MRI scanner provides high-quality imaging and increased throughput at a lower running cost. SIGNA™ Pioneer's high-homogeneity 3T magnet delivers consistent image quality across a high volume of patients. The increased patient throughput at a lower operating cost helps to build a solid foundation for your long-term investment.

Unmatched patient comfort with AIR™ Coils and feet-first imaging

Our SIGNA™ Pioneer 70 cm wide bore system was designed to provide more space and helps lower anxiety in patients. Not only is the bore wider, but so is the table. SIGNA™ Pioneer's Comfort Plus patient table even sits lower to the ground, making it easier for patients to get on and off. Adaptive AIR™ Coils accommodate all types of scans and patient sizes while feet-first imaging helps reduce claustrophobia.

Exceptional image quality with AIR™ Recon DL

Clearer images mean easier diagnoses, and with our industry-leading deep-learning technology, AIR™ Recon DL, you can achieve exceptional images faster. It revolutionizes the way you view MR images, ensuring the sharpest results for a broad range of anatomies. You can also be more confident in the images you acquire with easy-to-read, high quality scans that may also reduce eye fatigue, making report-outs a better overall experience.

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