SIGNA™ Explorer Lift - 60cm

Same Magnet. Next Generation MR Capabilities.

If you currently own a GE SIGNA Excite, SIGNA LX, SIGNA HDe, SIGNA HD, SIGNA HDxt, SIGNA HDx or SIGNA Vibrant scanner, you may be eligible to upgrade to the SIGNA Explorer through the SIGNA Explorer Lift program. 1

With the SIGNA Explorer Lift program, you can:

  • Build upon your existing magnet's strong foundation and potentially increase procedures by 30% 2
  • Reset the life of your MR while saving up to 50% in construction costs 3
  • Grow beyond your standard of care and access today's technology at half the cost 3

1 Exclusions and other terms and conditions may apply. Offer may not be obtainable in all regions. Please contact your local GE representative with any questions about this upgrade program, including if it is available in your region.

2 With the SIGNA Explorer Lift, you may be able to scan 2-3 more patients per day due to new capabilities and productivity.

3 Total upfront cost includes Equipment, Downtime and Siting. Actual results may vary. Based on average estimate construction costs to upgrade a 1.5T 60 cm to SIGNA Explorer Lift vs. replacing with a new wide bore.

  • Productivity

  • Clinical

  • Financial

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