Licensing and Partnership

GE Healthcare works with a variety of external collaborators in the development of products and services within its strategic areas of interest. GE Healthcare has successfully worked with large pharmaceutical companies, small private companies, biotechnology companies and universities throughout the world. For example, GE Healthcare can leverage its product and service portfolio to support drug development and commercialization for its pharmaceutical partners.

Partnering Philosophy

Collaborating structures are flexible to meet the needs of both parties. For example, GE Healthcare works with collaborators on a "shared risk / shared return" basis, but also works on pure service models, depending on the needs of its partner.

Product Licensing

GE Healthcare has an active program of product licensing. GE Healthcare is seeking products at all stages of development for medical imaging. Additionally, GE Healthcare works with therapeutic companies to develop complementary imaging agents to the collaborator's therapeutic drug development providing an opportunity to improve development outcomes through patient pool enrichment or optimizing commercial potential.

Technology Licensing

Technologies needed for GE Healthcare internal programs are in-licensed by a dedicated technology licensing team.

Technology is defined by GE Healthcare as:

  • Pre-IND compounds requiring further pre-clinical development
  • Sponsored Research Agreements
  • Freedom-to-Practice License Agreements
  • Non-product License Option Agreements
  • Other non-product technology Licensing and Agreements

To learn more or explore collaborative opportunities, please contact us at: