Monica Novii Wireless Patch System

In the birthing experience, patients crave comfort and control. It’s a life-changing moment, and the Novii Wireless Patch System helps give patients the freedom to carry out their birth plan the way they want. We want to hear your stories of how the Novii has impacted you, whether as a patient or a medical professional, so that more women can see the Novii difference and share in the freedom and mobility.
  • Feel the freedom

    Experience monitoring without wires or belts
    This revolutionary wireless system empowers moms and enables caregivers to provide personalized care.
  • Go mobile

    Moving into motherhood
    The Novii device helps patients sit upright, walk around, and even shower. This level of mobility has been shown to decrease pain and decrease the length of labor1.
  • Take control

    Bringing a birth plan to life
    With more mobility and less restrictions, mothers and nurses can more easily adhere to the desired birthing plan.

Have you used Novii?

We want to know how it impacted you, whether you used it as a medical professional or as a patient. Your story can help others, too.

Does your hospital have Novii?

To help inform your patients, product information to assist in this announcement can be found here:

Monica Novii Wireless Patch System

1. Lawrence A, Lewis L, Hofmeyr GJ, Dowswell T, Styles C. Maternal positions and mobility during first stage labour. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2009 Apr 15 ; (2) : CD003934
* Indicated for use on women who are at >36 completed weeks (37.0 weeks), in labor, with singleton pregnancies
**Rated for total water immersion to 1 meter. The Novii Pod when attached to the Novii Patch can remain on the patient while taking a bath or shower, but monitoring will not work when the woman is in the bathtub and the Pod is fully submerged under water (restricting the Bluetooth signal) and cannot be guaranteed during a shower. However, the Pod needs to remain attached to the patch while exposed to water to maintain the integrity of the Patch.