ComboLab Electrophysiology and Hemodynamic Recording System

From admittance and diagnosis to treatment and billing, ComboLab optimizes your workflow, productivity, and throughput. Advanced algorithms provide enhanced signal fidelity to electrophysiology recording, helping better visualize small physiological signals. Integrated documentation, comprehensive interoperability, and standardized point-of-care information collection help streamline reporting. With the flexibility to perform both hemodynamic and electrophysiology procedures on one single platform, ComboLab provides the advanced clinical tools needed to help physicians deliver quick, confident diagnoses.

AltiX Edition

AltiX Features*

  • Superior Signal Quality

Stay Connected

  • Invasive Networking: INW Server

  • 3D Mapping

  • Ablation Generator

  • CVIS

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • FFR Systems

  • Hospital Info Systems

  • Image Sources

  • IVUS

  • NCDR Registry

  • Patient Monitors

  • Pediatric Reporting

  • X-Ray

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*Feature availability may require upgrade to AltiX BT21
*Not all features are available in all markets
* BT21 features are not available in all countries.