OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite*

Augmented reality for workflow efficiency
At a glance

Augment imaging

Augmented reality enhances workflow ergonomics.

Ease visualization

3D Assist enhances anatomy visualization.

Enhance experience

Augmented reality enables remote collaborative care.

Evolving minimally invasive therapies brings new challenges

Today’s practitioners face many challenges within interventional procedures, from positioning restrictions that obscure visual interface and display access, to time-consuming workspace adjustments. We are therefore keen to seize any opportunities to enhance the customization of visualization workflow, unlock the full potential of imaging, and facilitate enhanced ergonomics for the procedure.

Meet OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite, your interventional augmented-reality solution. OmnifyXR™ fits seamlessly into existing interventional suites and leverages augmented reality to support workflow efficiency and ergonomics, improved visualization and collaborative care. 

Augment imaging

Augmented reality for workflow efficiency and ergonomics

Holographically display multiple imaging video streams in a customizable way, creating opportunities to improve ergonomics regardless of your working position.
Ease visualization

Improved visualization of anatomy with 3D Assist

Designed to augment visualization and help you better assess complex anatomies. 
Enhance experience

Augmented reality for collaborative care

Designed to allow remote collaboration, consultation, training, proctoring and support. 
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OmnifyXR™ Augmented Reality Interventional Suite is a MediView product built in collaboration with and currently exclusively available with compatible GE HealthCare systems. OmnifyXR™ is intended to be used adjunctively to standard of care imaging. Proceduralists must refer to standard of care imaging and prioritize clinical experience and/or judgment when using the OmnifyXR™ system. OmnifyXR™ is not intended to be the sole visualization for any procedure.

*OmnifyXR™ is a trademark of MediView XR, Inc. Product may not be available in all countries. Refer to your sales representatives for more information. OmnifyXR™ Interventional Suite mentioned in this material cannot be marketed in countries where market authorization is required and not yet obtained. Refer to your sales representative. 
GE HealthCare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and features shown hereby, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Contact your GE HealthCare representative for the most current information.