iCenter is soon becoming the all-new MyGEHealthcare Equipment

An online, hassle-free way to manage your equipment and fleet information, MyGEHealthcare Equipment provides a one-stop-shop experience to access proactive insights and manage service support—anytime, anywhere. The desktop experience of MyGEHealthcare Equipment builds on our mobile app to give you comprehensive, full life-cycle support of any device; a unified support experience that includes the useful features from iCenter, now delivered through a personalized dashboard and reports.
  • Better decisions start with better data. 

    iCenter is a secure, cloud-based asset maintenance and management software tool with the power to simplify the equipment monitoring process for more efficient workflow management and improved patient outcomes.

Discover how iCenter works

data that delivers

Medical professionals can benefit from iCenter’s simple navigation and comprehensive healthcare data tracking, insights, and analytics.

  • Outcomes for biomedical and clinical engineers

    With iCenter, it’s possible to:

    • Track metrics and deliver data and analytics on status, maintenance history, utilization and performance against benchmarks

    • Achieve comprehensive service model optimization with a 360° operational overview

    • Enable compliance for audits by tracking all the asset data

  • Outcomes for clinicians

    iCenter has the power to help:

    • Facilitate decisions about relocating, upgrading and staffing by monitoring patient and exam related volume trends on GE Healthcare CT, MR, X-ray, PET, and ultrasound.*

    • Increase staff productivity, improve process management, and help optimize patient flow by getting a better understanding of service in progress and asset status

  • Outcomes for department directors and executives

    iCenter is an invaluable tool that:

    • Helps drive business decisions and strategy thanks to availability of accurate information and healthcare analytics

    • Helps optimize assets in a cost-effective way without compromising level of care and quality

    • Provides visibility on activities and performance across different sites with aggregated metrics

Start improving operational performance today.

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* For the latest list of available products, please contact your GE Healthcare representative