Mac-Lab™ , a hemodynamic recording system, adds flexibility within existing workflows, seamless interoperability, and increased security to help drive clinical throughput in high-speed, high-volume labs.

From admittance to diagnosis, treatment, and billing, Mac-Lab optimizes your workflow, productivity and throughput with AltiX™. Using updated hardware and the ultimate flexibility of a software-only Invasive Network (INW) Server solution that easily fits into your virtualized network infrastructure, Mac-Lab delivers workspace integration with standardized point of care data collection and entry with minimal training required—supporting efficiency and helping you provide excellent quality of care.


The ultimate flexibility in software-only clients and Invasive Networking (INW) Servers that easily fit into your virtualized network infrastructure. Customizable and secure, Mac-Lab integrates into your IT environment with the configuration options you need.


Delivering workspace integration with standardized point of care data collection and entry, Mac-Lab adds seamless interoperability through its robust HL7 export to send secure data in real time across the network, including 3rd parties.


Built on the foundation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Secure Baseline, Mac-Lab introduces a more flexible approach to addressing security needs by increasing data privacy and security through data encryption and a more secure log in process.

  • Reduced hardware costs by approximately $1 million1
  • After six months, increased ROI by 289%2
  • Reduced annual energy costs by approximately $340,0001

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