GoldSeal Venue 50 and Venue 40

Simple Sophistication

Simple yet sophisticated technology gives you the power of ultrasound with an affordable, high-resolution and remarkably intuitive system.

Venue 50 - More accurate ultrasound needle guidance.

Nearly three-quarters of ultrasound procedures at the point of care involve needle guidance. We’re committed to making them simple, fast and precise for clinicians.

The GoldSeal Venue™ 50 offering Pinpoint™ GT technology helps deliver on that promise by enabling greater control over needle placement with twice the accuracy of conventional ultrasound needle guidance. In a recent study1, clinicians:

  • Improved needle placement accuracy by 51%, across all procedure types.
  • Reduced non-productive needle sticks by 70%.
In addition to the precision of available Pinpoint™ GT technology, the Venue 50 system offers these advantages:
  • One touch and go. Select the probe and preset in one step.
  • Tablet-like navigation. Pinch, slide, or tap your way through the procedure, even with your gloves on.
  • Fast power-up. The system is operational before you even get your gloves on.
  • Portable and wireless. Battery-powered, the system can be moved from patient to patient without powering down.
  • Gel & go imaging. Get crisp images without time-consuming tweaking.
1Use of Pinpoint™GT from C.R. Bard technology feature compared to conventional needle guidance.

Venue 40

Venue 40 – Point-of-Care Imaging that Makes Your Life Easier 

The GoldSeal refurbished Venue™ 40 features intuitive, pre-configured applications, and a one-touch interface that empowers you to visualize superficial anatomy in high resolution. The affordable Venue 40 system incorporates B-Steer + Needle Recognition technology to deliver accurate detail—anatomy, needle, and motion—even in color and power doppler. The Venue 40 also offers sensitivity and quantification to help detect slow blood flow. Explore the possibilities of GoldSeal refurbished systems.

GoldSeal Refurbished Venue 40 Has a Lot to Offer 

With the Venue 40 ultrasound imaging system, you get out-of-the-box thinking that you can use right out of the box. There are no buttons, no keyboard, and no knobs to complicate the process or slow you down. With quick boot-up time, you are always ready to scan. And a universal docking system lets you mount this system in a cart or on a table dock so you can take the Venue* 40 to a variety of clinical environments—on battery power.   

Just Clean and Go 

The GoldSeal Venue 40 features a single-surface screen without seams, buttons, keyboard or a monitor frame that could potentially trap contaminants.  A transducer connection, flush with the system, helps to reduce the potential for germs.  Even better, the durable screen can stand up to harsh medical disinfectants and everyday wear and tear. 

Data at Your Fingertips 

Whether you want to record, archive, recall, transfer files, or print, the GoldSeal refurbished Venue 40 makes it easy for you. Features such as flexible archiving give you the freedom to never leave your images in the machine. Even when the Venue 40 is on battery and unplugged, you can send images to your desired destination—whether that’s PACS or EMR, wired or wireless. You can also use the DVI port to display your screen on an external monitor. 

GoldSeal Advantage

GE GoldSeal refurbished systems offer you value and quality and a smart use of precious healthcare resources:

  • Selective process: Stringent selection standards ensure that only those systems with well-known and acceptable service histories qualify for GoldSeal. 
  • Quality: Refurbishing completed by OEM factory-trained technicians who ensure all OEM specifications are met. 
  • Same-as-new warranty: Same one-year warranty as on new systems; service contracts available. 
  • Service/support: Online assistance with questions, local service. 
  • Up-to-date technology: Refurbishing includes installation of latest possible software release and original OEM parts. 
  • Training: Operation and application training available, with optional CE Tech training credits available.

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