Accelerating Digital Transformation
GE Healthcare announced its intention to bring to market Edison Digital Health Platform*, designed to seamlessly aggregate data from multiple sources and vendors to enable clinical applications that support integrated care pathway management and holistic views of each patient.

  • Using data to inform decision making

    Vast amounts of data accompany every patient’s journey. Edison converts this ocean of information into actionable insights using analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These insights help you increase productivity, prioritize workflows, reduce rework, and deliver the most personalized patient care possible.

Infrastructure to build and deploy at scale

Drawing on GE Healthcare’s deep domain expertise, the Edison platform offers an extensive catalog of healthcare-specific services that enable rapid and compliant design, development, and deployment of secure applications and algorithms.
edison applications

Deployed via Cloud, Edison HealthLink or smart device

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    * Technology in development that represents ongoing research and development efforts. These technologies are not products and may never become products. Not for sale.
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