Asset Performance Management

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Assets?

Asset Performance Management

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Assets?

Enable intelligent asset management that balance cost, availability and reliability, and risk to help optimize your overall asset and operational performance. APM unlocks competitive advantages across assets lifecycle.

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Introducing UpdateMe™, a secure application (mobile & web-based) that gives you a real-time contextual view of your assets health, status, and issues—anytime and anywhere. Receive notifications 24/7 on important updates or alerts.

UpdateMe can help you

Tube Watch

Unexpected CT tube failure can be disruptive to patient care and your bottom line. When your CT scanner isn’t available because the tube needs to be replaced, patients are turned away, staff must be rescheduled, and your hospital’s reputation can suffer. What if you could detect a tube failure even before it happens?

Tube Watch is GE’s digital tube solution that acts like a 24x7 on-site field engineer: Constantly monitoring, analyzing and responding to potential tube failure issues before they occur. It gives you the opportunity to have a replacement tube on site before failure and to schedule the tube exchange at a more convenient time.
*If a tube fails unexpectedly under the Tube Watch, we guarantee the full credit of your annual Tube Watch premium.

How does Tube Watch work?

  • Monitor
    Monitor remotely for tube health indicators or performance trends
  • Predict
    Predict a potential tube failure before it occurs with predictive algorithms
  • settings - tools
    Replace defective tube before failure at a more convenient time
  • Restore
    Avoid unplanned tube break down and restore the scanner before it fails

Technology obsolescence protection

Keeping imaging platforms current can help enhance clinical capabilities, staff performance and extend the lifecycle of assets.
In today’s world, technology changes at a rapid rate. Enhancements are great for expanding clinical capabilities and meeting the needs of today’s patients, but keeping up with the most recent clinical applications can be time consuming to manage and difficult to budget. Continuity program from GE Healthcare helps ensure your technology investments remain current over the lifecycle of your GE Imaging Systems.

Prepare your imaging platform for a changing environment.

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