Discovery MI overview

Discovery MI

Meaningful Insights.<br>From Your Patient to Every Patient.

Discovery MI overview

Discovery MI

Meaningful Insights.<br>From Your Patient to Every Patient.

While every discovery is inspired by the search for something new, the kind of discovery molecular imaging enables is different. Molecular imaging can discover a deeper truth; evidence of what is seen, and often not. The kind of truth that can transcend an individual to make a greater impact on all patients. This is known as a true discovery.

A true discovery is what you are after. You aspire to not only help change the lives of the patients you see every day, but to establish new standards. This is what makes molecular imaging so exciting. While lesion detection, low dose, fast scans and image resolution are important, molecular imaging is more than that. It's about guiding treatment, supporting patients with sensitive care and creating an environment for compelling research. It requires technology that couldn't have been designed without our understanding of what continuously challenges you.

Challenges such as improving survival rates for those afflicted with cancer, expanding the diagnostic capabilities of PET and working with a revenue-generating system that permits you to work toward your aspirations.

Meet DiscoveryTM MI. A PET/CT system conceptualized with lofty goals, equal only to your own. It was created to help you diagnose and stage disease earlier and better guide your treatment strategies. It was designed with the hope you can conduct more compelling research more often with more novel, faster decaying tracers; permitting you to push the boundaries of PET. And it was built with capabilities aimed to more economically support increased patient volumes so your facility doesn't need to sacrifice advanced clinical work to accelerate its research initiatives.

We understand these are the types of outcomes you want to  achieve. Discovery MI was engineered to help you get there.  By delivering what you need for meaningful insights, we look forward to your next true discovery - something we all need.


Engineered for Precision

Our vision for the future of PET is completely digital, from acquisition to reconstruction to open source reporting solutions. Each component of the PET workflow is important to the results you and your patients seek. A digital PET experience is what connects all the important technologies, data, insights and people together to make PET an indispensable tool – the tool you need to help you raise the clinical value of PET and then push its limits even further.

Discovery MI technology 

The LightBurst Digital Detector is the critical next step of our vision for a digital future for PET. It combines a small lutetium-based scintillator crystal array with a Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) bloc design for high NEMA sensitivity of 14 cps/kBq and a large 20 cm extended axial FOV. This state-of-the-art PET detection technology delivers significant improvements over TOF-analog technology in scan times, required dose levels and small lesion detectability.

Discovery MI is the only PET/CT system that brings together the sensitivity of digital detection with the most innovative reconstruction technology available, the combination of Time-of-Flight and Q.Clear. The result is outstanding resolution to improve the detection of small lesions.

In addition to advancements in reconstruction and detection technology, Discovery MI includes diagnostic CT innovations from our RevolutionTM EVO. It combines the Clarity Imaging System with the speed of the PerformixTM 40 Plus tube with our proprietary HiLight CT detector to deliver up to a 2x increase in spatial resolution. Our innovative ASiR-VTM iterative reconstruction method comes standard to reduce CT dose by up to 82 percent at the same image quality in routine imaging across applications. And with Smart MAR virtually eliminating streaks and shadows from metal artifacts, you’ll save valuable time previously spent correcting images. Designed with a purpose, with you in mind, this CT technology is the ideal fit for Discovery MI.

A Brilliant Introduction to All That Discovery MI Can Do

  • Up to 2x improvement in volumetric resolution1
  • Half the time, or half the dose4
  • Highest NEMA sensitivity of any TOF PET/CT system
  • Significantly better small lesion detectability1
  • Highest NECR5 of any TOF PET/CT system
  • Up to 82 percent reduction in CT dose with ASiR-V, at the same image quality2,3
  • 100 percent better spatial resolution, with no increase in image noise with ASiR-V2
Discovery MI Quantitation

Accurate Results Start with the Letter 'Q'

Quantitation helped establish PET/CT as a valuable clinical tool. It provided an important starting point to find and follow disease throughout the course of treatment, but it was limited by the technologies used to produce it. Now, consistent, accurate SUV measurements are possible with Q.SUV. The ‘Q’ is important. It signifies the SUV measurement was produced exclusively from our innovative PET image reconstruction technology, Q.Clear, which delivers not only up to a 2x improvement in PET quantitation accuracy (SUVmean), but also up to a 2x improvement in image quality (SNR). For this reason, Q.Clear is a critical component of Discovery MI.

Q.SUV is more than a starting point for clinical decisions. Because it is more accurate and consistent than conventional methods, it becomes more than a number, it becomes a tool for communication. As a result, it sharpens communication between radiologists, oncologists and patients. Be sure your SUV starts with a ‘Q’.

Quantitative SUV You and Your Patients Can Trust

  • Grow patient volumes as referring physicians value the accurate, reproducible results and diagnostic confidence you deliver
  • More accurately assess treatment response to guide your treatment planning decisions with more accurate SUVs
  • Improve communication with improved quantitation
Discovery MI summary

Impact One Life at a Time While Working to Change Every Life for the Better

Your work is multifaceted. Not only do you work every day to impact the lives of your patients for the better, you are looking for insights that will have a greater impact on the lives of every patient. You may be correcting the course of treatment for a cancer patient one day and looking for a new clinical indication for a high count-rate tracer the next. We understand. It’s why, after collaborating with leading clinicians and institutions across the globe, we designed Discovery MI to give you the flexibility to balance the quest for true discoveries with great clinical work.

Perform advanced diagnostic scans with FDG, or pursue groundbreaking research with faster decaying tracers. Enhance your clinical excellence in oncology, or expand PET’s impact on neurology and cardiology and beyond. Discovery MI was designed with the breakthrough technology and advanced quantitative software you need to answer the simple question of, “What if?” 

What if you had a PET/CT system with enhanced capability? The capability to evaluate the patients you see today and explore your vision for what PET/CT can be tomorrow. 


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Clinical Work That Excels Beyond What You Thought was Possible

  • Continue your efforts to diagnose and stage disease earlier with technology that detects smaller lesions1
  • Increase the number of successful CT scans of patients with metal implants, with Smart MAR
  • Expand your diagnostic service offerings
  • Enhance utilization of limited-access tracers, such as Ga, with the highest NEMA sensitivity of any TOF PET/CT sytem
  • Provide a more comfortable patient experience with short scan times

The Opportunity to Influence the Future of Medicine

  • Conduct more compelling research, such as quantitative brain studies, facilitated by an expanded FOV
  • Pursue improvement of PET/CT practice guidelines to better reflect capabilities in imaging small modules
  • Explore PET capabilities in cardiac imaging, leveraging high sensitivity and small lesion detectability1
  • Increase low-yield tracer capability with protocols that reduce dose by up to 50 percent without impacting image quality and small lesion detectability1
Discovery MI summary

Summary: A PET/CT System for True Discovery

It takes a certain kind of mind to go in search of true discovery. A thoughtful mind. A mind like your own that looks for a way to have a lasting impact on the world around them. You, like us, dream of helping to change patient lives for the better and influencing the future of medicine. To push the boundaries of medicine beyond its daily practice.

Our purpose is to provide you with the important instruments you need. It’s why we built Discovery MI. We see it as much more than a new imaging product. We see it as a result of our partnership that empowers your goal of forming new pathways to the future of medicine.
1. Improved detectability as demonstrated in phantom testing.
2. Comparing Discovery MI to other TOF PET/CT scanners reported in ITN Online comparison charts (May 2016). Up to 20 kBq/ml.
3. Compared to Discovery PET/CT 710.