+PLUSPAK™ (Polymer Bottle)

+PLUSPAK is GE Healthcare’s innovative polymer packaging for contrast media solutions. It was designed with workplace safety, efficiency, and convenience in mind.

A landmark design doesn’t just happen. At GE Healthcare, we think carefully about every detail of our products. The +PLUSPAK polymer bottle was designed to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

+PLUSPAK packaging reduces risk of sharps injuries and enhances workplace safety

Injuries associated with glass bottles make up an estimated 16% of sharps injuries in healthcare settings. Other sharp items, such as the edges of metal bottle seals, cause an additional 15% of injuries.1

Our pharmaceutical-grade polymer bottle won’t shatter when dropped, reducing the risk of injury from broken glass.

GE Healthcare’s easy-to-open, metal-free, twist-off polypropylene cap avoids cuts from metal crimps. Our packaging was designed to be safer than glass.

Compared to glass, +PLUSPAK packaging was designed to be safer.


1. Marshall G. Radiography 2008;14:128-34.

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