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    GE Healthcare Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

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    For both ventilated and spontaneously breathing patients undergoing general anesthesia, our wide range disposable breathing circuits and components offer robust and high-quality solutions. During emergency and standard anesthesia practice, our breathing circuits are approved for use with the entire line of GE Healthcare anesthesia breathing systems.
    • Superior Design

      A single-limb, disposable anesthesia circuit, Inteliflo is intuitively designed with a divided double lumen tube for use in circle breathing systems—reducing both weight and waste.

    • Improved Efficiency

      Available in a wide variety of tubing styles, components, and configurations, circuit kits help reduce setup time by providing everything in one package—allowing you to focus on what matters most, the patient.

    • Patient Safety

      Disposable breathing circuits are intended for single-patient use, helping reduce infection from cross-contamination.


    GE Healthcare's disposable anesthesia circuits and components are compatible with the following anesthesia devices:
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