Dual-Energy Vertebral Assessment (DVA)

Clear dual-energy images and automated tools that help you diagnose hard-to-detect vertebral deformities — before more severe complications occur.
Automatic detection of often overlooked vertebral deformities

Dual-energy Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA) software helps you detect vertebral fractures, which can be difficult to diagnose. In fact, studies show up to half of all vertebral fractures are not diagnosed.1 Yet it is important to do so.

An existing vertebral fracture increases the risk for subsequent vertebral fractures three to 10 times, regardless of bone mineral density (BMD). Moreover, patients with an existing fracture and low BMD are 25 times more likely to fracture than those with normal BMD and no fracture.2 VFA enables detection of vertebral fractures, which helps you to provide effective care - before more severe complications occur.

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