The accuracy and detail achievable with today's diagnostic imaging technology is unprecedented. But to obtain such high levels of diagnostic utility, a considerable amount of data must be collected and processed. Preparing for an optimal reading takes time: you have to select the proper protocol, load the images, wait for them to process, and only then can you begin reading. And when the next patient is scanned, you start the process over again. This succession of redundant routine tasks impacts the diagnostic time of 3D image processing.

AW Preprocessing streamlines your workflow by loading and processing images in the background so that exams are ready for reading when you are.

The AW Workstation Preprocessing feature speeds your workflow and gives you greater flexibility by automatically applying the appropriate protocol, loading image sets, and processing studies, in the back ground, so they are ready to read when you're ready to read them.


  • Streamlines your workflow by loading and processing exams in the background.
  • Preset protocols1 remove bone in all anatomies, track and label coronaries, and track and unfold colon.
  • Lets you switch among up to eight processed exams instantly.2

1. Some functionality are linked to optional purchasable packages.
2. The Autolaunch feature is only available on the AW Workstation. On the AW Server, up to 3 exams can be opened simultaneously.


System Requirements

Intended Use