Valve Planning Protocol

The Valve Planning protocol in the VesselIQ Xpress application lets you visualize cardiac anatomy with the degree of detail required to evaluate the presentation of the aortic valve. Armed with this information, you can develop a pre-procedural TAVR/TAVI plan to establish a therapy strategy for the patient.
At a glance

Insights into patient's cardiac anatomy

Confirm valve stenosis, viable access approach, distances to ostia and elliptical aortic root dimensions

Implant selection

Measure the aortic annulus and define valve plane to select appropriate device

Valve deployment planning

Measure the distance between the leaflets and coronary ostia

Visualization and quantification of cardiac anatomy for effective treatment strategies


  • Lets you visualize vessel tortuosity.
  • Enables you to determine calcification load to validate left or right vascular pathways. 

  • Lets you segment the aorta for better visualization, and to ascertain aorta diameter and valve-to-ostia measurement.
  • Automatically segments calcifications.
  • Lets you visualize both iliac artery diameter and profile.
  • Lets you define the valve plane by contouring the aortic annulus, and deposit 3D marks on the 3D volume to locate coronary ostia or other areas of interest.
  • Gives you automatic C-Arm angulation perpendicular to the valve plane.
  • Lets you export the 3D CT images to the cathlab through Innova HeartVision for real time fluoro overlays.
  • With the AW Workstation, access to 3D models based on CT or angiography dataset.
  • Dedicated cath lab user interface allows tableside control of 3D images.
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