Pulmonary Diseases

Challenges in quantitative evaluation of Chest CT exams

thoracic vcar

Automated lung segmentation and quantitative measurements to aid in the assessment and follow-up of lung diseases

    lung and airway

    calculation of abnormal
    hounsfield ranges

    identify and report
    regions of relative
    hypo-perfusion with the
    GSI Pulmonary Perfusion
  • Complete reading workflow solution featuring:

    • Automated segmentation of lungs and airways
    • Individual lobe segmentation and visualization
    • Parenchyma analysis with customizable presets to identify different ranges of HU variances within the segmented lung fields
    • One-touch 3D airway tracking and automated measurements of wall thickness for airway analysis
    • Automatic analysis of GSI pulmonary studies
    • Display relative perfusion map based on GSI iodine concentration in lung parenchyma

System Requirements

Supporting Materials

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2. IMV 2019 CT Market Outlook Report.