Spine Auto Views

Deep learning algorithms designed for automatic generation of anatomically aligned spine reformats. Ready to read.
At a glance


Automatic labeling of vertebral bodies and disc spaces


Automatic generation of reformat planes including curved reformats and intervertebral disc spaces


Automatically network reformatted series to prescribed DICOM destinations

Ready to read

Automatic generation of consistent, anatomically relevant reformats.

Deep learning based post-processing application

  • • Deep learning algorithm for automatic labeling of vertebral bodies and disc spaces with >90% labeling accuracy

  • • Deep learning algorithm for axial oblique images optimized for orientation through vertebral disc spaces with >90% accuracy

  • • Automatic generation of curved reformats to display the full spine in aligned coronal/sagittal planes

  • • Based on protocol settings, up to 6 series are automatically created with labels, annotations, and directly transferred to predefined DICOM destinations
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