SmartScore™ 4.0

Detects, quantifies and scores cardiac calcium plaque burden.
At a Glance


Automatic calcium detection and highlighting.


Single-click calcium labeling.


Quantify the degree of coronary artery calcification by measuring mass, volume and Agatston (AJ130) score of the plaque(s).

Additional features of SmartScore 4.0

  • Automatically detects calcium and highlights it in green
  • AJ 130 scoring method uses conventional Agatston/Janowitz technique with a threshold of 130 
  • HU which is adjusted to the appropriate image slice thickness
  • Volume scoring calculates volumes (mm3) of calcified plaque above the 130 HU threshold
  • Mass scoring calculates mass (mg) of calcified plaque above the 130 HU threshold
  • Individual and aggregate scores are computed for each artery type
  • Provides two methods of calcium scoring
  • Score can be correlated to age group cohort to determine patient’s risk per population
  • Customizable parameters can be predefined based on your site’s  preferences
  • Report options allow you to custom tailor your reports and distribute them in a variety of formats
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