Smartscore 4.0

Cardiovascular disease remains one of the most common health issues in the world today. As with many conditions, early detection and patient risk assessment are vital to preventing or minimizing long-term negative effects. But many cases of this disease aren't diagnosed until the patient presents with symptoms. Conventional procedures to assess risk can be expensive, time consuming, and uncomfortable. An accessible, patient-friendly risk assessment method could help clinicians devise a regimen for their patients that might lessen the chance for serious cardiac events.

SmartScore 4.0 is designed to identify the presence of regional and global coronary artery calcification from a CT scan, then measure and score the results. Scores can be calculated using a standard Agatston/Janowitz (AJ) method. When correlated with a patient's personal information, the score can yield an estimation of a patients risk for coronary artery disease.


  • Non-invasive alternative to conventional assessment procedures.
  • Score can be correlated to age group cohort to determine patient's risk per population.
  • Provides information on coronary artery wall calcium plaque buildup.
  • Automatically detects calcium and highlights it in green.
  • Streamlines workflow by networking patient demographics from CT scanner directly to SmartScore program.
  • Free Hand Trace lets you outline specific ROIs.
advanced visualization smartscore 4.0.


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