Dynamic Shuttle

Bone free visualization of vascular anatomy.

Dynamic CT acquisition with Volume Shuttle or Volume Helical Shuttle generates datasets that capture the kinetic behavior of contrast media in the anatomy of interest. The resulting studies can be viewed dynamically as a 3D volume over time. However, visualization is often hampered by the presence of bone in the dynamic datasets.

Dynamic Shuttle provides the ability for a bone free visualization of the vasculature in a dynamic CT angiography exam.


  • Allows vascular diagnoses using dynamic CT angiography without the need to interpret around interference from bone images.
  • Extracts CT angiography data from a CT Perfusion scan and visualize the flow of contrast from the arteries to the veins.
  • Generates dynamic movies for reports and presentations.
advanced visualization dynamic shuttle clinical.


  • 4D Neuro Digital Subtraction angiography (DSA) automatically performs image registration, then removes bone.
  • Viewport configurations can be easily changed to display different types of information.
  • 4D Body Shuttle loads dynamic data into the body protocol after which you can apply either Bone Subtraction DSA or Autobone Shuttle. The program then registers the image and removes bone using the selected protocol.
  • The Cine tool panel lets you control dynamic data display.

System Requirements

Dynamic Shuttle application is supported on the AW Workstation and AW Server platforms. 

Intended Use

Dynamic Shuttle is a software package that provides you with a number of functions for the segmentation of bony structures from head & neck, body and extremity data on GE Volume Shuttle acquisitions.

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