CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal

Multi-slice detector CT technology has become a go-to modality for reliable, non-invasive, cardiovascular imaging. It's easy to use, accessible, and delivers diagnostically valuable data. Key to maximizing the benefits that this technology offers is using a post-processing and analysis tool tailored specifically for cardiac imaging.

CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal is an easy to use, efficient way to display, reformat, and analyze 2D or 3D cardiac CT images for qualitative or quantitative assessment of heart anatomy and coronary arteries from a single or multiple cardiac phase image data set. When used with SnapShot Freeze images created on select GE CT Systems, CardIQ Xpress 2.0 Reveal can automatically process and display motion-blur reduced images of coronary anatomy.


  • Non-invasive alternative to help in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.
  • Simplifies workflow.
  • Extract, render, and display 2D/3D coronary vasculature tree images with one-click automatic vessel tracking.
  • Automated display of motion blur-reduced SnapShot Freeze processed images.
  • One-click functional cardiac evaluation.
  • Measure coronary artery vessels to include stenosis, density of stenosis, and length of stenotic area.


System Requirements

Intended Use