Streamlined post-processing for enhanced electrophysiology procedures
At a glance

Automatic heart segmentation

Visualize the anatomical layout of the left atrium and pulmonary vessels and the origins of the pulmonary vessels

Coronary sinus and pulmonary vein analysis

Visualize and quantify cardiac venous pathways

EP Navigator

Global virtual endoscopic view provides you ostial displays of the right and left pulmonary veins and the left atrial appendage.


  • Volume render 3D heart and chamber views

  • Obtain segmented 3D views of the left atrium and pulmonary veins

  • View hollow 3D VR heart models

  • Measure the pulmonary veins and left atrial appendage with predefined protocols

  • Render and display 2D/3D views of the left chambers in single or multiple phases of the cardiac cycle with one
touch automatic extraction

  • Reformat standard axial CT images of single or multiple cardiac phases into short or long axis and save the image series for further analysis

  • Automatically track, extract, and display pulmonary
 veins with the pulmonary vessel analysis tool

  • Generate pulmonary vein measurements

  • Automatically track, extract, and display coronary sinus and cardiac veins with the coronary sinus analysis tool

  • Use predefined navigator views of the pulmonary veins
 to get a fly-through perspective of the vessel
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