Autobone & VesselIQ Xpress

While various clinical tools are used to diagnose peripheral vascular disease (PVD), Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA) has become the modality of choice for gathering information for therapy planning. One of CTA's advantages is that it shows both vascular and non-vascular anatomy along with 3D information for more comprehensive assessment. Additionally, CTA is useful for patients with limited or no peripheral access and those with stents, for whom MRA assessment is not an option. Thoroughly analyzing the data provided by these studies involves a considerable investment of time. You need a tool to expedite the assessment process.

VesselIQ Xpress with Autobone provides you with easily accessible, user-friendly tools to analyze CT angiographic data including stenosis analysis, thrombus, pre and post stent planning procedures, and directional vessel tortuosity visualization. The display, measurement, and batch filming/archiving features these applications provide will help you maintain a more streamlined and productive workflow.


  • Zero-click bone segmentation for head, neck, and other anatomy.
  • Automated real-time fast tracking for all vasculature.
  • Automated detection of aorta an illiacs with auto-labeling of vessels.
  • Perform vessel analysis from any 3D or reformatted image with one or two clicks.
  • Thrombus detection with measurements and comparison over time.
Autobone and VesselIQ Xpress


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