Patient motion and organ distortion, whether the result of voluntary patient movement or natural functions such as respiration, can make radiotherapy planning assessment less precise. Accurate targeting is essential for sparing healthy tissue while delivering optimal therapy to the target tumor.

Advantage 4D is a retrospective gating CT application that analyzes and characterizes respiration-induced motion of the anatomy. It provides information on the true shape of the anatomical objects in motion, reduces structural distortion, and identifies the dynamic range of motion to help make radiotherapy planning assessment more precise. Advantage 4D helps you determine extent and direction of the motion and aids the decision whether to employ standard or gated therapy.


  • Displays complete 4D volumes in sagittal, coronal, and axial planes for quick respiratory motion evaluation.
  • Auto4D offers a fast, efficient automated 4D workflow including binning, and intensity image creation (MIP, Ave-IP, Min-IP).
  • Advantage 4D is protocol driven and fully automated. You spend less time choosing appropriate phases or building 4D movie loops.


System Requirements

Intended Use