The desire for better health and a more human experience unites us

Reimagining Better Health

Clinician and patient insights are essential to reimagining healthcare, and their partnership is the key to success.

The Reimagining Better Health study features a quantitative, double-blinded survey and qualitative interviews with:


patients who were hospitalized and patient advocates who cared for hospitalized patients


hospital-based clinicians with direct patient-care responsibilities, including physicians, nurses, technologists, technicians and therapists


qualitative interviews with clinicians, patients, patient advocates, healthcare researchers and policy experts

1 goal. 6 trends. 9 barriers.

There is hope for the future of healthcare

Regardless of country and healthcare model, clinical role, experience or demographics, the Reimagining Better Health study revealed that clinicians and patients share many of the same fundamental values and expectations about healthcare.
Insights and Opportunities

Overcoming barriers. Reaching a common goal.

While clinicians and patients are aligned on the future of healthcare, the report identifies critical people, technology and process barriers that must be overcome, including:

Caring for the people who care


Reducing clinician burden


Building confidence in distributed care

Together, we can reimagine the future of healthcare.

Data Addendum

To explore more quantitative survey data insights, including a breakdown by country surveyed and clinical role (physicians, nurses, technologists/technicians/therapists), download the Reimagining Better Health data addendum.
* Questions relating to technology solutions addressed survey respondents general perceptions and experiences with technology within their facilities and made no reference to any specific solutions or vendors. Any references in this study to technology are inclusive of the entire spectrum of medical technology, such as medical devices, software solutions, electronic patient records and other digital workflow solutions.