Reinforcing its commitment to deliver innovative ultrasound products and solutions, GE HealthCare is showcasing its leadership with the latest advancements in its portfolio and progress toward revolutionizing ultrasound and harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

LOGIQ™ & Digital Solutions
Celebrating 30 years of LOGIQ, ultrasound systems designed to address all healthcare providers’ general imaging needs. LOGIQ systems can be used to scan a wide range of patients including those in the following care areas: radiology, vascular, breast, interventional, MSK, cardiac, and OB/GYN. A trusted companion among clinicians, LOGIQ ultrasound systems are equipped with comprehensive and personalized tools for a seamless workflow and increased efficiency.

  • LOGIQ E10 Series: The flagship LOGIQ E10 provides clinicians with capabilities for full body imaging, leveraging the power of AI to drive workflow efficiency and advanced tools to help support clinical decisions.
  • LOGIQ Fortis: The next-generation LOGIQ ultrasound technology, a compact, streamlined solution, enables clinicians to deliver confident care and conduct a variety of exams and procedures with cSound™ Architecture and XDclear™ transducers for high-quality imaging and AI to simplify the workflow.
Invenia ABUS with AI Assistant
Invenia ABUS 2.0 is the first FDA-approved ultrasound supplemental screening technology specifically designed for detecting cancer in dense breast tissue. 40% of women have dense breasts, a risk factor for developing breast cancer, that can also contribute to delayed diagnosis and require supplemental imaging beyond a mammogram, as well as treatment.¹

To ensure patients receive appropriate testing and treatment, the updated U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation will require mammography facilities to notify patients about the density of their breasts and how it can impact the accuracy of standard testing. Invenia ABUS can provide people living with dense breasts with the comprehensive screening needed to detect breast cancer. When used in addition to mammography, findings show that Invenia ABUS can improve breast cancer detection by 35.7 percent over mammography alone.²

The bkActiv system is a high-performance imaging system that allows for detailed, real-time surgical visualization and greater control over procedures supporting surgeons and clinicians in urology, neurosurgery, HPB surgeries, colorectal and pelvic floor surgeries, and laparoscopic surgeries. Developed by BK Medical – a GE HealthCare company, bkActiv is designed to deliver ultrasound guidance with an intuitive user experience for surgeons allowing for minimal user interaction while giving surgeons the ability to focus on their patients.

Verisound is the branded full suite of GE HealthCare’s ultrasound digital solutions, uniting all digital and AI ultrasound solutions under one portfolio. All products that are part of the Verisound brand—including Verisound Reporting, Verisound Fleet Management, Verisound Collaboration and Vscan Digital Tools—are designed to assist clinicians in simplifying the ultrasound workflow, allowing them to spend more time providing care.

ViewPoint 6.14
Introducing the newest ultrasound reporting software and latest innovation to ViewPoint 6, ViewPoint 6.14. The optimized software addresses the challenge of a demanding workflow offering simple and efficient reporting in clinical settings where time is of the essence. ViewPoint 6.14 streamlines the workflow by distributing data directly from the ultrasound system to populate reports, giving clinicians more time with their patients.

Voluson Expert 22
Voluson Expert 22 is one of GE HealthCare’s most advanced ultrasound technologies for obstetrics and gynecology. Advanced technology that allows for greater confidence at the point of care can help aid clinicians dealing with the increasingly complex challenges in maternal care. The Voluson Expert 22 builds on GE HealthCare’s robust Women’s Health portfolio with its powerful, adaptive graphic-based beamformer to provide deeper and more detailed, higher resolution imaging and AI to increase exam speed and accuracy.

GE HealthCare’s Voluson ultrasound systems assist clinicians with conducting more than 400 million women’s health ultrasound exams every year.³

Vscan Air SL
The Vscan Air SL is a handheld, wireless ultrasound imaging system designed for rapid cardiac and vascular assessments at the point of care to help clinicians accelerate diagnoses and treatment decisions. The latest addition to the Vscan product suite offers a sector array and a linear array on a single device, ideal for switching between focused cardiac assessments and vascular assessments right at the point of care – both inside and outside of the hospital. The device features GE HealthCare’s proprietary SignalMax and XDclear technology that provide high levels of penetration, resolution, and sensitivity in imaging performance with an industry-leading single crystal transducer technology.

Venue Family Point-of-Care Ultrasound System with Caption Guidance™
Venue Family point-of-care ultrasound systems now with Caption Guidance AI-driven software, the first GE HealthCare ultrasound solutions to incorporate this scan guidance capability software following its acquisition of Caption Health earlier this year. The technology provides healthcare providers—even those without specialized training or experience with ultrasound—with real-time, step-by-step guidance to perform cardiac ultrasounds and capture diagnostic-quality cardiac images.

GE HealthCare plans to integrate this innovative AI technology into other ultrasound systems including handheld systems, helping to accelerate access and increase growth of ultrasound in a variety of care settings.

When heart becomes Art, Vivid Ultrasound Systems represent GE HealthCare’s pioneering history in cardiovascular imaging. Celebrating 25 years of Vivid in 2023, the Vivid portfolio provides innovative solutions that assist clinicians in their daily practice; and deliver clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Vivid E Series: Premium cardiovascular ultrasound system that provides superb images, regardless of patient echogenicity, with less operator effort. Powered by AI, it enables full automation of routine diagnostic exams, from standard measurements to ejection fraction and strain calculations, in one click.

Vivid S Series: To allow more diagnosis confidence and better workflows, Vivid S70N Dimension takes a leap forward in image quality with full 4D capabilities, improved color flow, HD live capabilities, as well as further AI-enabled automation, helping reduce exam time and reduce inter-operator variability.

Vivid T Series: This ultrasound system provides reliable and ergonomic design, powered with AI applications for extreme productivity without compromising quality of care.

Vivid iq: Our most advanced portable cardiovascular ultrasound system, allows you to obtain premium quality images away from the echo lab.

Vivid 9VT-D Probe: The first and most compact 3D mini TEE probe available on the market, helping expand access in complex and challenging situations where patients cannot tolerate adult TEE probes. This probe is designed for a broad range of interventional cardiology procedures and can eliminate the need for general anesthesia in adult patients.

EchoPAC Connect: EchoPAC Connect provides you with the flexibility to accommodate the unique way you work.

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