GE HealthCare Launches New Version of Digital Expert Access with Remote Scanning, First FDA 510(k)-Cleared Solution to Enable Remote Patient Scanning, and an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with IONIC Health

Challenges in Imaging Operations

  • A survey of 1,125 radiology department [leaders/administrators] revealed that the main challenge in radiology departments over the next 1-3 years is anticipated to be operational efficiency (73%).[i]
  • In a modern radiology practice, clinicians are required to manage a fast-growing number of imaging procedures and imaging experts are in especially short supply and high demand.
  • Cost pressures and resource scarcity have also intensified the need for greater collaboration across multiple sites of service and the migration of diagnostic imaging beyond hospital campuses.
  • Consequently, patients can experience long wait times or rescheduled appointments due to limited imaging resources, potentially disrupting their care and prolonging the timeline from scan to diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Expert Access with Remote Scanning & Collaboration with IONIC Health

Digital Expert Access enables the sharing of expertise, best practices, and in-the-moment advice, as well as real-time, remote console control. Now, with the new version of Digital Expert Access with remote scanning, this innovative solution has evolved to also enable remote patient scanning, which is compatible with GE HealthCare magnetic resonance (MR) devices.

Additionally, GE HealthCare has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with IONIC Health, an independent Brazilian-born global technology company helping to transform healthcare through novel automation technologies, which include remote solutions to automate, monitor, access, support, educate and teleoperate in healthcare. IONIC Health’s 510(k)-pending nCommand Lite technology is designed to include vendor-agnostic remote scanning capabilities. This strategic collaboration’s goal is to enable GE HealthCare to provide a multi-vendor, multi-modality remote scanning solution to healthcare systems and patients around the globe.[ii]

The new version of Digital Expert Access with remote scanning introduces a feature that enables the remote clinical expert user to initiate a scan on GE HealthCare MR devices from locations inside or outside of the radiology suite or any clinical facility, as long as aligned with respective regional regulations and safety guidelines.

This new remote scanning solution and the collaboration with IONIC Health demonstrate GE HealthCare’s ongoing dedication to shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and strategic collaborations that streamline workflow and increase operational efficiency, ultimately helping enhance patient care and outcomes.

Karin Dalsin
Global Communications Director
M: +1 612 432 7623

i GE HealthCare data and market research.
ii nCommand Lite is 510(K) pending at FDA. Not available for sale in the U.S. Availability in other markets is subject to local regulatory approvals.