GE HealthCare launches App Orchestrator

Many radiology departments are looking to add multiple apps to help improve diagnosis, reduce radiologist stress, and enable general radiologist to widen the scope of exams they can read and report. In addition, many have found it difficult to get beyond a small number due to the overhead of evaluating, acquiring, implementing multiple solutions from multiple companies. Some have paused to wait for a solution that reduces this ‘friction’.

GE HealthCare’s App Orchestrator is an application orchestration solution that can give customers easy access to multiple apps from multiple companies. Compatible with most major PACS systems, App Orchestrator integrates these apps into the provider’s existing workflow, eliminating the need for a user to trigger each app. After the initial implementation, users can add additional AI apps, available directly from GE HealthCare.

Linh Dinh
M: 408.275.5682