AAPM 2022


    GE Healthcare Abstract Sessions at AAPM

    Advances in Photon-Counting Imaging

    Compton scatter events improve both density and spectral dose efficiency in edge-on irradiated silicon photon-counting CT.
    F Gronberg,1,4 Z Yin,2* J Maltz,3 M Persson,4 (1-3) GE Healthcare, (4) Kth Royal Institute Of Technology, SE

    Improved spectral imaging with more energy bins for realistic photon counting detectors.
    A Wang,1*Y Yang,1 S Wang,1 Z Yin, 2 (1) Stanford University, Stanford, CA, (2) GE Healthcare

    Performance Assessment and Clinical Implementation of Photon-Counting CT

    Photon count rates measured from 1,980 clinical CT scans.
    T Szczykutowicz,1* R Bujila,2 Z Yin, 2 S Slavic, 2 J Maltz,2 (1) University Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, (2) GE Healthcare

    Edge-on silicon photon-counting CT: Assessment of diagnostic value in a virtual imaging trial.
    R Panta,1* M Bhattarai,2 Z Yin,3 E Abadi,4 P Segars,5 E Samei6 (1,2,4,5,6) Duke University , Durham, NC, (3) GE Healthcare

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    Expanding access


    A global collaboration to expand access to precision radiation therapy solutions, allowing both companies to provide hospitals and cancer centers with a comprehensive offering across imaging and treatment for cancer patients requiring radiation therapy.

    Improved treatment planning

    RaySearch Laboratories

    A collaboration with RaySearch Laboratories AB to develop a new radiation therapy simulation and treatment planning workflow solution, designed to simplify how radiation will be targeted to shrink a tumor.

    AI-powered solutions


    GE Healthcare and Vysioneer intend to cooperate to make Vysioneer’s VBrain FDA-cleared AI-powered brain tumor auto contouring solution available on GE equipment. VBrain applies auto-contouring to the three most common types of brain tumors: brain metastasis, meningioma, and acoustic neuroma.

    MR scans to synthetic CT images

    Spectronic Medical

    One of our latest partnerships involves the integration of Spectronic Medical AB’s AI-based software with AIRTM Recon DL deep leaning image reconstruction technology to convert data from MR scans into synthetic CT images. This MR-only based solution generates better soft-tissue differentiation than traditional CT scans for more precise cancer treatment planning.

    Enhanced cancer visualization


    GE Healthcare and Mirada Medical are focusing on advancing automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enable faster, more consistent, and more precise cancer radiotherapy treatment. The Mirada Medical RTx product has been integrated into the GE Healthcare AW Workstation and AW Server to enable enhanced cancer visualization and diagnostic capabilities.

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