MUSE v8 Differences

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    About this class

    Course topics for the MUSE v8 Differences Training include the following: MUSE v8 requirements, MUSE v8 Client installation, interface configurations, database network backup and restore and basic troubleshooting. This course requires hands-on lab exercises in combination with the associated assessment.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      • MUSE Server 2008
      • SQL Database Server
      • MUSE Client Windows 7 Enterprise
      • CSI Modem Interface
      • MAC5500v10 interface

      This course is live with hands-on lab exercises in combination with the associated assessments.

      Customers wishing to attend this course must contact their servicemanager, enrollment representative, or the registration page for details.

      Course Competencies:
      Upon successfully completing this course, the student should be able to:

      • Identify the new features available in MUSE v8
      • Locate the service documents from Common Document Library
      • Identify MUSEv8, CCG Server and MUSE Web requirements
      • Explain what Depth of Merge feature is
      • Explain what an HL7 Batch scheduler does
      • Explain how Client auto shutdown works
      • Demonstrate competency in MUSE configuration changes after installation
      • Demonstrate auto shutdown at the MUSE Server and view message at the client
      • Identify the 3 tasks setup through the scheduler in MUSE v8
      • Identify the changes to the modem setup
      • Demonstrate competency in configuration of MAC5500 to perform an ADT query through MUSE interface
      • Demonstrate competency in setting up CSI modem
      • Demonstrate competency in XML export to a shared folder 
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    • Prerequisites

      Required Prerequisite:

      • Muse 7 ECG Management

      Recommended Prerequisite:

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