Mac-Lab* / CardioLab* Macros (v 6.8)

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    Recorded Training Courses

    • Overview

      Program Objective:

      The objective of this training module is to introduce the concepts and terminology and give a deeper dive into the use of the various features of the system introduced in the Mac-Lab and/or CardioLab Master Trainer Course. This session will help the participant with general knowledge and skill building after attending the Master trainer course.

      The objective of this course is to help the customer to answer general knowledge questions and build skills on the Mac-Lab Hemodynamic and/or CardioLab Electrophysiology Recording System post Master Trainer Classroom Training. After viewing this recorded session the participant should have a fundamental understanding of the subject matter and be able to assist their staff in issue resolution. The user will also be able to assist others in the following: 

      • Macro Functionality Overview 
      • Macro window 
      • Creating Macros 
      • Editing Macros 
      • Executing Macros