Introduction to Mac-Lab*(v 6.8 and above)

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    About this class

    Recorded Training Courses
    Product Education - Clinical

    • Overview

      Program Objective: The objective of this course is to introduce the customer to the Mac-Lab Hemodynamic Recording System and its use and function in the Cath/Interventional Radiology Suite. The student will then be prepared for the Master Trainer Course taught in Milwaukee and have a high level of understanding of the system and its features, functions and various components. After viewing this recorded session the participant should have a fundamental understanding of the following: 

      • Mac-Lab Overview 
      • Mac-Lab Navigator 
      • Mac-Lab Study Windows 
      • Study Configuration 
      • Mac-Lab Keyboard 
      • Single Pressure measurements 
      • Pull-Back Measurements 
      • Peak to Peak Window 
      • Cardiac Outputs 
      • Shunt Calculations
      • Simultaneous Pressure Measurements 
      • Valve Window 
      • Master Lists 
      • Interventional Window 
      • Registry/Custom Forms 
      • Macro/Log Window 
      • Reports 
      • Optional Modules