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    About this class

    Recorded Training Courses
    Product Education - Clinical

    • Overview

      Objective: The DMS v2 ICD recorded training module is to provide an in-depth overview of the concepts and techniques required to appropriately set-up the ICD Module, document data, harvest and submit ICD data to the ACC. The recorded training is segmented into 12 separate training sessions allowing for focused training. 

      • DMS Overview 
      • Post Upgrade Tasks 
      • Establishing an ACC ICD Participant 
      • ICD Registry Module New Features 
      • Physician Configuration 
      • NCDR Maintenance and Registration Mapping 
      • Data Collection during a Mac-Lab/CardioLab Study 
      • Patient Information 
      • Registry Worklist 
      • ACC ICD Data Collection Form 
      • Registry Export Worklist 
      • ACC ICD Administrative Reports