DMS Cath PCI v4.4 Supplemental Session

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    About this class

    Recorded Training Courses
    Product Education - Clinical

    • Overview

      This training module will cover the CathPCI Registry version 4.4 new features. This session is not intended to be a complete DMS CathPCI training offering but instead to be used in conjunction with the 12 existing DMS CathPCI recorded training sessions also currently available on the GE Healthcare Learning Website.

      Objective: Provide an in-depth overview of the new features specific to CathPCI version 4.4 for those responsible for managing CathPCI data. 

      The recorded training covers the following DMS CathPCI 4.4 topics: 

      • Upgrade Timing and Data Collection Considerations 
      • Verifying your DMS system is at CathPCI v4.4 
      • Registry Worklist Functionality Changes 
      • “Exclude NCDR Privacy Fields” Functionality 
      • New System Maintenance Features 
      • DMS v4.4 CathPCI Administrative Reports 
      • Resolved Issues