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    About this class

    This technical service class, for the Clinical Information Center (CIC) version 5 and peripherals, illustrates the practical skills needed to configure and troubleshoot the complete system.  Participants are involved in basic clinical software navigation and the comprehension of software configurations to aid in troubleshooting clinical issues.  Explanation of the individual hardware and software components, installation configuration procedures, planned maintenance procedures and troubleshooting techniques are provided to improve service skills.  Learn about integration and interconnectivity with Patient Monitors and other Monitoring Solutions components to expand system capabilities.  Participants will learn hands-on skills in labs designed to reinforce principles reviewed in class.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Learn about integration and interconnectivity with Patient Monitors to expand system capabilities. This course is specific to and covers only material for the v5 version of CIC. 

      COURSE LENGTH: 3 Days

      Course Objectives
      Upon successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

      • Assess different configuration options relating to hardware and software for the CIC Version 5 system from material presented in the course.
      • Explain the advantages of the product features provided with Version 5 software toward clinical efficiency.
      • Assess required licenses to activate features required for specific hospital location clinical needs, i.e. "Physicians Review Station" vs. "Monitoring Station"
      • Perform configuration procedures such as but not limited to; Installation with Webmin, Multi-KM, and Licensing.
      • Demonstrate proficiency of course material through configuration and operational navigation hands-on labs. 
      • Analyze and successfully troubleshoot any failures, using service documentation, course material, and troubleshooting tools demonstrated during class.
      • Explain repair/replacement procedures for Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) on the CIC Version 5 system from material presented in the course.
      • Demonstrate proper use of all special tools and test equipment during all hands-on service procedures.
      • Explain and demonstrate the Post Service checkout procedure to validate operation after installation, repair, or replacement procedures.

      Course Equipment:

      • CIC Desktop hardware platform
      • Software version 5 or greater
      • PRN50/50M
      • Additional equipment required for interconnectivity
    • Target Audience

      Technical service personnel who have attended similar product training more than 2 years ago, new hire personnel and those that are looking for more advanced training on the Clinical Information Centers (CIC).

    • Prerequisites

      Recommended Pre-Requisites:

      Required IT Skills:
      The following skills are required for successful completion of this class:
      IP Addressing, Subnetting, Hard Drives, Hardware Replacement, Switch Troubleshooting, Router Configuration, Router Access Control Lists, Router Troubleshooting, POST, Network Connectivity, Communication Paths, Network Troubleshooting and Back-up Systems.

      Customer Requirements:
      Customers are required to bring a computer laptop to class. The laptop will beused to view electronic documentation and operate software service tools,which are provided during class.

      Computer Laptop Requirements:

      • Hardware: PC based (not Mac**), Wireless Network Card, DB 9 Serial port,CD ROM, USB port, AC Power Cord
      • Operating System: Microsoft Windows** 2000 or XP Professional only
      • Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 5.5 or greater, MicrosoftWindows Media Player** 10 or greater, Adobe Reader® (latest version),latest Adobe Flash** plug-ins, Hyper
      • Terminal or other terminalemulation program. Local administrator access
      • Ability to disable spyware and virus scan programs No other versions of Ghost previously installed
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