CARESCAPE Central Station Full Service Technical Training

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    About this class

    The CARESCAPE Central Station v1 (CSCSv1) is a central stationmonitoring device that provides views of monitored information for up to 16 patients per Central. The CSCSv1 acts as a viewing station, review station and a live monitoring station by obtaining its information from acquisition devices off the Unity/ CARESCAPE network. The CSCSv1 has expanded 4 main feature group capabilities within the Central Station: Full Disclosure Enterprise, Centralized Monitoring, Respiratory review and ST Monitoring/Review.

    The CARESCAPE Central Station v1 Full Service Technical Training is Instructor Led classroom training which includes physical equipment and hands-on labs to support full service of the CSCSv1 product and is independent of any previous courses.  Although students may be aware of the MP100, and some of the software features of previous products, this course will present comprehensive knowledge of the CARESCAPE Central Station v1.


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