Basic Clinical Product Training At the Bedside

COST$1,750 / day

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    About this class

    Clinical Specialist at your facility providing hands-on interactive product clinical staff education with the option for added Go-Live clinical product bedside support.

    Benefits When to Use

    Basic Clinical Product Training:

    Benefits / When to use:

    • Use for new staff, new product or repeat product purchase
    • Trainers provide your facility with the flexibility to educate new staff to meet your facility’s on-going demands

    Basic Onsite Training:

    Basic bedside clinical product equipment training provided by GE Clinical Specialists on site for 8 hours per day. Designed to give the user the knowledge to become proficient in using the GE products in Labor and Delivery, Newborn Nursery and NICU.  

    Benefits / When to use:

    • Ensures a minimum level of qualifications for hospital personnel
    • Training is delivered using a clinical skills checklist Master Training (onsite) Includes advanced User 
    • Training along with extended product training. In addition, the student will receive the skills necessary to teach the User Training course to new staff members.  
    • Enables the user to become the “go to” person for questions on the operation of the system and basic troubleshooting methods    
    • Trainers provide your facility with flexibility to educate new staff to support your facility’s on-going demands

    Your GE sales or clinical representative can help you determine the educational program best suited for your unit, your facility and your budget.