Avance CS2 Clinical Product Overview and Use

COURSE LENGTHApprox. 2.5 Hours

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    About this class

    Clinical Online
    Anesthesia Systems

    This course is designed to give participants the information and product knowledge needed to proficiently operate the Avance CS2 anesthesia system. The course features interactions, extensive graphics and "Check Your Knowledge" sections to assist the user in learning the system functionality.  It consists of eight topic modules: Overview, Vaporization, Advanced Breathing System, Operation, Ventilation Modes, Spirometry, Procedures and Checkout.

    • Overview

      Couse length: Approximately 2.5 hours

      After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

      • Describe the main components of the system
      • Power up and shut down the system
      • Utilize the O2 flush button and Alternate O2 Control
      • Navigate the display
      • Replace and fill a vaporizer
      • Utilize the bag/vent switch and APL valve
      • View, save and erase a spirometry loop
      • Perform a Pause Gas Flow, Cardiac Bypass, Vital Capacity and Cycling procedure
      • Perform a full test from the checkout menu
      • Replace the CO2 canister
      • Zero the flow sensors
      • Start and end a case
      • Change ventilation mode and balance gas
      • Utilize ecoFLOW
      • Manage alarms
      • View trends
      • Describe the eight modes of ventilation available
    • Target Audience

      This course is intended for CRNAs, MDs, and anesthesia techs; or anyone who is interested in learning how to operate the Avance CS2 anesthesia system. 

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