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    Three steps toward quieter and calmer

    Three steps toward quieter and calmer critical care and telemetry units.

    Alarm Management Consulting, a new offering from GE Healthcare, provides analysis and evaluation tools to help manage alarm challenges in today's critical care environments. Our experienced team can guide your organization through a three-step self-improvement process. The program educates your team on alarm management and helps you select optimum alarm default settings for your GE monitoring devices. Your staff also receives training in additional clinical practices - like proper skin preparation and lead placement - that may help reduce false alarms.

    Three Step Approach

    A data-driven approach to help you reduce non-actionable alarms
    Alarm Management Consulting help applies GE patient monitoring expertise to help address alarm management in your designated care areas. A dedicated team of experts will analyze your alarm history and discuss potential changes in equipment settings and work practices.

    Methodical Three Step Approach approach
    Work starts with an assessment of your situation: The care areas that need attention, the time-span of the analysis, and the best way to share your alarm log files with us.

    The program then follows three sequential phases.

    Phase 1: Build the foundation
    Alarm management touches many functions: nursing, biomedical, risk management, patient care, education, and more. We work with you to lay the foundation for improvement and set objectives.That starts with helping create a cross-functional alarm management team - or advising an existing team - and identifying champions to lead the alarm initiative. We also explore the default settings on all monitoring devices and decide how best to receive the alarm log files for analysis.

    Phase 2: Analyze and recommend
    During phase 2 our team will utilize sophisticated software to help analyze the alarm data: How many? How frequent? What kind? That analysis points toward appropriate corrective actions, typically including adjustments to device default settings based on your individualized clinical practices.

    New alarm settings alone are not sufficient - staff education is essential. Live webinar training from GE frames the challenges of alarm management in the hospital. We also teach:

    • Effective use of the GE EK-Pro alarm algorithm
    • Proper skin preparation
    • Proper lead placement

    By using alarm data analysis and education, our clinical experts work with you to develop a customized alarm management program to help guide you as you determine your implementation strategy.

    For the new, less noisy environment, we stress the need to incentivize and motivate staff members to treat all alarms seriously. Alarm champions receive instruction on dispensing ongoing education to the team. Finally, a time is scheduled for a follow-up assessment - typically three to six months.

    Phase 3:  Measure and report
    The final phase includes verification that your selected alarm management program has been deployed. We also analyze your alarm data once more, show you the level of improvement achieved, and offer further suggestions.  In the end, program deliverables include:

    • Copies of alarm analytics reports
    • Alarm quick-reference guide
    • White paper and PowerPoint program on alarm management
    • Troubleshooting guides: alarm, pace detection, NIBP, ECG

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    GE's Alarm Management Consulting offering works toward the goal of a quieter environment where patients can heal and clinicians can focus on care.

    This approach to alarm management combines the effective application of monitoring and alarming technologies, evidence-based procedures and protocols, and staff training, all tailored to your organization's goals.

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    Alarm management is a serious issue that calls for prompt attention. Let us help you reduce nuisance alarms and create quiet, comfortable, efficient care environments. Contact your GE Healthcare representative or email for more information.