Advanced Wireless in Healthcare Digital Technology

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    About this class

    Do the transmitters on your patient telemetry system lose data connectivity intermittently?

    Do the wireless patient monitors in your facility ever experience radio frequency interference (RFI)?

    Through hands-on labs, design, install, and troubleshoot wireless medical telemetry systems (WMTS), and patient monitor systems, including using a spectrum analyzer for site surveys. The course also covers the concepts of radiofrequency (RF) energy and wireless propagation in the major frequencies used in healthcare, including antenna design, RF interference, distortion, and diversity, as well as 802.11 modulation, throughput, and coexistence.


    • Technical Training
    • Overview

      Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to do the following:

      • Present the basic concepts of RF, including: propagation, antennas, signal strength, reflection, diffraction, scatter, null spot, and attenuation
      • Recognize physical topologies of RF systems within a healthcare environment, including: coaxial systems, distributed antenna, distributed access point, and controlled access points
      • Recognize the hardware used to build RF systems, including: medical telemetry, WiFi, RFID, and wireless patient monitoring
      • Associate a wireless service used within healthcare to a specific frequency range, including: medical telemetry, wireless patient monitoring, RFID, and cellular communications
      • Monitor the RF environment for changes in performance of existing systems
      • Perform WMTS and 802.11 site surveys
      • Describe issues surrounding wireless coexistence
      • Perform antenna splitter board troubleshooting using a spectrum analyzer
      • Specify the importance of quality of service in healthcare networks
      • Demonstrate awareness of the integrity and security of data transmitted wirelessly
      • Understand access point associations and how they occur by building secure 802.11 networks
    • Prerequisites

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