COVID-19 Case Study

Critical Care Suite enables expedited treatment of a spontaneous pneumothorax in an intubated COVID-19 patient

Real-time Quality Alerts

  • Intelligent Auto Rotate
    Saves technologists 3–4 user interface clicks on more than 80% of mobile chest X-ray exams, saving up to 70,000 “clicks” a year.3
  • Intelligent Protocol Check
    Conducts an automated quality check to detect errors on the acquisition system, such as improper protocol used (AUC >0.99).2
  • Intelligent Field of View
    Detects when a lung field is clipped in a frontal chest X-ray (AUC>0.99) and allows technologists to determine if a repeat is required before sending the image to PACS.2

* Not cleared or approved by the FDA. Distributed in accordance with FDA imaging guidance regarding COVID-19 public health emergency.
** FDA 510(k) K183182

  1. Stephen E. Lapinsky. Endotracheal intubation in the ICU. Crit Care. 2015; 19(1): 258.
  2. FDA 510(k) K183182
  3. GE Healthcare data on file.

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