Your Next MRI Machine May Be Engineered By The Developer Of Siri

John Flannery’s Reason 7 that Transformation is the New Normal for Healthcare Main-Day1-healthcare Years ago Steve Jobs stood on a stage and introduced the world to a device that could make calls, play music and take photos. The iPhone’s software advanced to include features like fingerprint security, an app ecosystem and voice AI personal assistant Siri. Many can no longer imagine life without it. Today, the brains that built this consumer technology are coming to healthcare – I know, because we’re hiring them. GE’s head of cloud engineering created Siri and helped grow iTunes and iCloud. One of our CTOs is an expert in mobile and cloud computing from Microsoft. Our general manager of analytics led Salesforce’s entrance into the space. And so on. They are applying – and advancing – this same machine learning, analytics and cloud computing knowledge to the industrial world in which GE operates. This post was written by GE Healthcare CEO John Flannery and appears in LinkedIn Pulse. Read more.