Secrets of the MRI that images the human brain like never before

A new tool helping clinicians and researchers defeat disease and understand Traumatic Brain Injury seen for the first time live

It’s not just an image of the brain.

It’s the image of the brain for which many clinicians and researchers have been waiting.

Made up of 100 billion neurons, the human brain’s complexity has made it difficult for clinicians and neurology researchers to see the crossing pathways and white matter needed to help understand and treat disease and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Until now. The first images from a new MRI that engineers says images the brain (and body) like never before – tiny crossing pathways, white matter and all – were shown for the first time on Lab Invaders Episode 3, when the engineers took a camera live inside the lab at GE Healthcare. They also shared an inside look at the new MRI, called the SIGNA Premier, a behind the scenes look at how they made this invention reality, and a scans from one of their own brains.

Watch the short episode here: