Paging Mr. Experience:When a Hospital Invests in Personnel to Improve the Patient’s Stay

Hartford HealthCare’s leadership shares about life behind hospital doors

Like many health systems across the United States, Hartford HealthCare (HHC) faces incredible pressure to cut costs throughout the operation. Despite this, there is one area that rather than cutting back, the organization’s leaders are doubling down to make it their #1 priority: their patients.

Over the last year, the HHC leadership has made great strides in improving the patient experience while reducing inefficiencies. One example, last month, HHC named Sean Rodriguez the first ever Chief Experience Officer. Sean will focus on creating and sustaining a great experience for patients across the system, which includes six acute care hospitals, three behavioral health hospitals, as well as home care service.

Today, Hartford HealthCare and GE Healthcare announced that they will collaborate on a series of projects aimed at getting patients the care they need more quickly and safely. Over the next seven years, GE Healthcare and Hartford HealthCare will work together to help patients avoid unnecessary wait times and “traffic jams” that can delay care. The relationship will leverage GE’s advanced analytics to drive efficiencies and improve outcomes.

Why are collaborations like this necessary for the patient experience? Where do Hartford HealthCare’s leaders see healthcare moving in the next 5 years? The Pulse asked some of Hartford HealthCare’s top leaders to share their personal take:

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