How to Elevate Your Application on the World Stage of Healthcare AI

By Karley Yoder, Vice President and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence, GE Healthcare

We may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) capability within healthcare systems, but statistics show that the AI wave is already well on its way. In fact, healthcare AI start-up funding reached a record high in 2020, despite the pandemic, with 80 percent of healthcare leaders saying that they see growth or savings using AI and more than 350 start-ups already working on healthcare AI applications.

Despite those promising numbers, only 10 percent of healthcare providers have actually deployed one AI application or more.1 The reason for the gap is becoming increasingly clear: manageability. Here’s how GE’s Edison Developer Program can help your start-up reach its maximum potential when it comes to successfully deploying your application within the marketplace.

The disconnect

With over 300 start-ups in medical AI imaging alone, and just south of $2 billion in venture capital funding that has flowed into this space, there’s a disconnect between the 80 percent of healthcare practitioners and decision-makers who say they see the value and want to adopt this technology and the 10 percent who actually have.2

This gap, as we’re beginning to see, comes from a changing industry, and a system that’s struggling to keep up. Today, we’re finding that the most helpful method when it comes to deploying healthcare AI is a preferred ecosystem with global influence, years of clinical workflow experience, and technology that makes the new AI fit "seamlessly" into your existing workflow. 

Finding a solution

GE Healthcare’s holistic and integrated digital ecosystem, backed by Edison, creates a marketplace for customers that acts as a one-stop-shop for healthcare applications, as well as a way to simplify deployment and administration on the hospital side, helping solve that “last mile,” which often presents as a barrier for adoption and deployment .

More than a traditional developer program, Edison is a technology built for real-life solutions. Within the Edison Ecosystem, we’re able to look at both GE and externally built products to create a marketplace where customers can have one place to find, try, manage, and buy all non-GE and GE AI products and solutions. We can help you solve for the “last mile,” using a system that’s trusted the world over.

With our orchestrations software layer, we can help you integrate your innovation into the healthcare workflow seamlessly in the same way GE has been doing it successfully for decades. Edison can also help simplify things on the administration side, like billing, updates/upgrades, and deployment. This makes the deployment and administering of AI easier by creating one IT integration on one invoice, with a system that seamlessly integrates AI into an existing workflow.

Additionally, our system has been created in a way that helps start-ups innovate, deploy, and sell healthcare applications, including a path to market scale. The Edison Ecosystem is a path for developers to deploy in over 160 countries* that GE Healthcare supports today with devices generating 16,000 scans per minute. 

In fact, applications deployed through the Edison Ecosystem can be seen making a difference in healthcare systems around the world already. For example, the MaxQ AI — the medical diagnostic AI company which invented the Accipio intracranial hemorrhage, stroke, and head trauma platform — integrated with GE Healthcare's Edison Open AI Orchestrator in 2019 to bring their AI-enabled technology solutions into hospitals and emergency rooms. This partnership also helped propel GE Healthcare through the ranks as the first company offering a comprehensive CT and PACS MaxQ AI option. In 2020, GE Healthcare also partnered with Lunit, a leading medical startup, to better support patient care through more intuitive AI algorithms to help streamline workflows, alleviate clinical strain and more. And the list of Edison Developer partners continues to grow rapidly.

With the Edison Ecosystem, your success is our success. We partner with developers and start-ups to integrate, sell, and manage the lifecycle of applications in the hospital, so that our customers, and their patients, have the easiest access to the best innovation in the world. When working with a developer, we look across the entire GE Healthcare portfolio to determine the best fit and where exactly to partner. Our onboarding process then creates a fast track by offering a proven deployment mechanism and lifecycle management process.

You’ve done the hard work of creating a market-ready AI application that’s poised to take the world by storm by creating better data, driving better quality and outcomes, and saving quality time. Now, our Edison Developer Program can help you bring it across the finish line, reaching virtually every healthcare system on the planet and accelerating both your growth and profitability. Head to Edison Developer Program page now to learn more or get started.


* Subject to regulatory market authorization.

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