An Ode to our Healthcare Heroes

GE Healthcare

The healthcare system – and radiology departments in particular – face more strain than ever. In the United States alone, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have led to a 35% drop in MRI procedure volume in 2020 – from 42 million procedures in 2019 to an estimated 27.4 million in 2020[i]. This backlog in non-urgent patient care, combined with today’s growing disease burden and industry-wide staff shortages demands new solutions to help clinicians address today’s evolving needs.

“True heroes are built for any challenge, and today’s healthcare workers have proven themselves true heroes,” says Jie Xue, president & CEO, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, GE Healthcare. “While the world’s healthcare heroes cared for patients on the frontlines, our GE Healthcare team kept working the background on cutting-edge technologies to help reduce burden on clinicians and improve patient outcomes.”

Today, GE Healthcare is excited to reveal the solution they developed throughout the pandemic to help clinicians address today’s evolving needs.

But first, the MR team wants to say thank you with the following poem:

In this MRI world, you’ve seen it all –

All people, all problems, the big and the small.

All bodies, all organs, captured as image.

The full spectrum of life, from the start to the finish.


It’s the most intimate view of life’s complex game,

No two patients or cases ever the same.


From fractured bones to complex sprains,

Metastasized tumors, bleeds on the brain.

From spinal compression to multiple sclerosis,

It’s all on the image – the key to diagnosis.


And each image is a mirror to a life

That will move someone into darkness or back into light.

It’s the precursor to tears of relief or of sorrow,

A map of their past, a clue to tomorrow.


It’s the precursor to tears of relief or of sorrow,

A map of their past, a clue to tomorrow.


You see the world from inside out

And, through image, bring clarity to doubt.

Is the treatment working? Is danger still lurking?

What’s their problem? Why are they still hurting?


And with mounting pressure and increasing demands

More patients than ever put their hope in your hands.


Yet through your grit, compassion and will

You keep hospitals moving and keep patients still.

You hold things together, you’re medicine’s glue.

But you’re the oil that keeps the wheels turning, too.


You are all modern-day heroes,
Decoding life from ones and from zeros.


But sometimes heroes need their own hero, too

To ease the burden, to help them through.

To manage whatever life sends their way.

To support them through each working day.


So, for every radiology team and imaging room,
A heroes’ hero is coming soon.


For more information on GE Healthcare’s MR portfolio and to watch the launch of GE Healthcare’s new product, visit the company’s #RSNA21 booth in person or virtually on Sunday, November 28 at 1:30 pm CST.

[i] IMV Medical Information Division. 2020 MR Market Outlook Report.