Amid COVID-19, a 40-year Healthcare Veteran and CEO says: “Nothing Compares with This”

Watch Insight’s full interview with GE Healthcare’s Clinical Care Solutions CEO Anders Wold.

Healthcare was already in the middle of a transformation. Now, with the global pandemic, illustrations of exactly how digital is upending the industry are glaring. 

Take for example, how a virtual ICU in Oregon, leveraging software called Mural Virtual Care Solution, allows clinical specialists to remotely oversee treatment of critically ill, ventilated patients during the pandemic or how ED doctors now have access to a feature on some ultrasound systems that can automatically highlight and count B-lines in the lung--one of many indicators that COVID-19 may be present. 

In the last decade, when it comes to disruption, digital holds the spot for lead contender. But considering the current environment, some say it’s being overridden by the overwhelming global impact of COVID-19.     

Anders Wold, President and CEO of GE Healthcare’s five-billion-dollar Clinical Care Solutions business has spent nearly four decades working in healthcare and says, “Nothing compares… to [COVID-19].”

Filmmaker and GE Healthcare correspondent Mikey Kay sat down with Anders who, like millions of people, is working from his home near Oslo, Norway. During the discussion, Mikey asked Anders what it is like running a business that is at the epicenter of the crisis. Here’s what Wold had to say:

Anders Wold has worked at GE Healthcare for over 30 years. As President and CEO of Clinical Care Solutions – a five-billion-dollar global business segment that includes ultrasound, diagnostic cardiology, monitoring, infant warmers and incubators, ventilators and anesthesia equipment – he’s navigating the most challenging demands of his career in an unprecedented and ever-changing environment.