Allia™ IGS Pulse

Cardiac imaging excellence.
Visible impact.

Interventional cardiology

At a glance

It’s your room whenever you enter

One-click access to all essential cardiac functions

Imaging excellence

Stunning images regardless of patient size with automated dose optimization

Augment your outcomes

Adoption of augmented image guidance facilitated in daily practice

Freedom of choice

A real ecosystem at your fingertips for a seamless workflow

Allia IGS Pulse*, your trusted assistant for cardiology interventions

Interventional cardiology is a constantly evolving field. This brings new challenges, like being efficient from a clinical and operational standpoint, getting optimal image quality at the lowest possible dose and expanding practices with an integrated ecosystem. Allia IGS Pulse has been developed in collaboration with and for interventional physicians to address these challenges.

Allia IGS Pulse, a new assistant in your interventional lab

Discover its 4 key features, designed to optimize your interventional cardiology practice.
It’s your room whenever you enter

Make the procedure easy and quick with a personalized workspace and optimized operating comfort 

Profiles tailored to your needs with customized homepage for 1-click access to all your essential functions on the Allia Touch Panel.

Enhanced ergonomics and commands at your fingertips wherever you are for a seamless cathlab workflow.

Operating comfort to ease your procedure thanks to the offset C-arm to maximize space and freedom of movement around your patient.

Imaging excellence

Experience exceptional image quality from small to large patients and benefit from automated dose optimization

Brand-new image chain designed to go beyond current technology limits in interventional cardiology imaging:

• Stunning image quality enabled by reduced pulse width and unmatched X-Ray peak power.
• Impressive details thanks to a wide range of focal spots usable in both fluoro/cine acquisition modes.

High degree of visualization comfort with image personalization that is now at your fingertips.

Unique set of capabilities to enhance system performance all along the image chain and optimize image quality and dose in real time automatically.

Augmented outcomes

Extend your possibilities through imaging innovation for:

3D stent reconstructions with zero additional devices, contrast media and procedural cost thanks to 3DStent1.

Increased visibility at same dose to power up your PCI decision making with PCI ASSIST 22.

Structural heart:
Streamlined workflow for planning and augmented guidance with Valve Assist 23.

Proven patient outcomes improvements:

• -33% volume of contrast media4 and-33% X-ray dose in TAVI procedures5.
-78% volume of contrast media, -28% procedure time and -25% fluoroscopy time in LAAC procedures6.

Freedom of choice

Benefit from multi-modality integrations to optimize workflow

Freedom of choice with a real ecosystem at your disposal7:

• Multimodality control at your fingertips with Allia x Boston Scientific AVVIGO™+.
• IVUS/iFR co-registration with Allia x Philips IntraSight.
• OCT/angiography co-registration with Allia x Abbott OPTIS™ OCT.
• Angio-based FFR adoption with Allia x Medis QFR7.
• Hemodynamics recording with Allia x Mac-Lab™.
• Enhanced communication within the heart team with Allia x Vivid™ E95.
• Pocket-sized ultrasound imaging with Allia x Vscan Air™.

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* Allia™IGS Pulse is the commercial name of the latest generation of Allia™ IGS 3, Allia™ IGS 5, Allia™
IGS 7, Allia™ IGS 7 OR products in their 20-cm or 30-cm detector configurations. Product may not be available on all markets. Refer to your sales representatives for more information.

Prof. Gilard, Dr. Dumonteil, Dr. Philippart, Dr. Sauguet, Dr. Collet, Dr. Freixa, and Dr. Sabaté are paid consultants for GE HealthCare. The statements described here are based on their own opinion and on results that were achieved in their unique setting. Results may vary. Dr. Collet’s statement on 3DStent described here is based on offline image reviews from a product prototype.

1. 3DStent solution includes Allia™ system, 3DXR and Volume Viewer Innova and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer. These applications are sold separately. Not available for sale on all markets. Available on Allia™ IGS 5 with 20-cm or 30-cm detector and Allia™ IGS 7 with 30-cm detector.

2. PCI ASSIST 2 solution includes StentViz and StentVesselViz.

3. Valve ASSIST 2 solution includes TAVI Analysis, HeartVision 2 and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Innova. These applications are sold separately.

4. Shafiq A. et al. Effect of a new enhanced fluoroscopy technology (Valve ASSIST 2) on outcomes in patients undergoing trans-catheter aortic valvular replacement. TCT 2017; Abstract.

5. Overtchouk P. et al. Advanced image processing with fusion and calcification enhancement in transcatheter aortic valve implantation: impact on radiation exposure. Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery (2018) 1–8. doi:10.1093/icvts/ivy136.
6. Roy AK. et al. Novel Integrated 3D Multi-Detector Computed Tomography and Fluoroscopy Fusion for Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Procedures. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv2017; Mar 17, DOI:10.1002/ccd.26998.

7. Products may not be available on all markets. Refer to your sales representatives for more information.

8. QFR Analysis is included in QAngio XA 3D software, supplied by Medis medical imaging bv manufacturer and it is operating on a separate hardware. Not available on all markets. It is compatible with Innova IGS 5, Innova IGS 6, Discovery IGS 7, Discovery IGS 7 OR, Allia IGS 7, Allia IGS 7 OR and Allia IGS 5.