Key features

OEC One CFD Beauty shot with Live Zoom reference image on screen 2
  • Capture exceptional image quality with CMOS flat detector.
    OEC One CFD Hip - 290 pixels
  • Easily adjust 4K display to line of sight with
    5 ranges of motion articulating arm.
    OEC One CFD 5 ranges of motion - 290
  • All-in-one compact C-arm optimizes space in crowded operating rooms.
    OEC One CFD Overhead-290
  • Zoom up to 4X without increasing dose with Live Zoom.
    OEC One CFD Zoom_290
  • Synchronized image viewing for surgeon on display and rad tech on OEC Touch control panel.
    OEC One CFD clinical_290
  • Move easily from room to room and protect data with 5-minute standby power.
    OEC One CFD Transport- 290

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  • Imaging precision

  • Premium technology

  • One touch